Our bouncing putty in Australia is popular amongst children, and as we follow the latest trends, you can be sure that will be eagerly grabbed off the shelves by small hands.

Bouncing Putty: A Popular Pocket Money Toy for Kids

Keycraft AU provides quality toys and gifts to independent and chain retailers, including tourist attractions, museums, high street retailers and travel retailers. Our pocket money toys, such as our bouncing putty or slime, is a great way to bring joy to some of your youngest customers.

Why Choose to Add Bouncing Putty to Your Store?

If you are looking to bulk buy bouncing putty, you may be wondering what the benefits are of stocking it? Bouncing putty is one of those simple toys that children just love to play with, and it can give them hours of entertainment. It is not just fun to play with; sensory toys like putty can help children to be more creative and imaginative as they mould their putty into different shapes and sizes. This makes it great for their muscle development in their hands and fingers. Of course, they can also use it as a bouncing ball and keep themselves entertained for long periods of time. For an affordable price, parents and grandparents will be more likely to impulse buy the bouncing putty for sale for their children, and of course, the colourful nature of the packaging and the fun contents also encourage children to spend their pocket money on the bouncing putty. Our wholesale bouncing putty comes with a realistic suggested retail price for your convenience. Our bouncing putty at Keycraft comes in different colours that will appeal to a range of children. It has also been packaged well, and the well-designed packaging helps to show the value of the product inside. What’s more, Keycraft offers you a complete solution to your display needs, and our bouncing putty comes with a toy display stand solution where your consumers will be able to see it and therefore buy it.

Choose Bouncy Putty with Confidence

Deciding what to stock in your retail outfit can be a hard decision, but with the choice and quality available from Keycraft, we make it that much easier. Along with this, we also guarantee a 50% gross margin for our retail partners, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. If you have any questions about any of our toy wholesale products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us through our social media, by phone or email. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to find out all the latest news like what the top trending toys in Australia are, and deals that we have. Bouncing putty does not take up a lot of room in your retail space, yet it can provide children with a lot of fun. Shop with us today, and you can look forward to stocking a range of quality toys that encourage impulse buying.

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