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Discover an Exciting Variety of Toys in Australia with Keycraft

Looking for Toys in Australia? We offer a comprehensive selection of toys. From timeless retro toys that evoke nostalgia to lifelike plush toys that offer camaraderie and educational toys that inspire and ignite creativity, we cater to any taste. We place a premium on offering toys that stand the test of time, ensuring countless hours of play and fun.

At Keycraft, we also place a strong emphasis on sustainability which plays a significant role in our product development and production processes. Many of our toys, such as our SMOLs range and wooden toys, are crafted from eco-friendly materials including recycled plastics and responsibly sourced wood. We are dedicated to crafting sustainable toys that positively impact the planet.

Wholesale Toys in Australia for Entertainment and Education

When it comes to sourcing wholesale toys in Australia, it’s essential to find the right supplier. Toys don’t simply entertain, they also serve as important tools that seamlessly blend enjoyment, amusement and development. Our extensive collection of toys wholesale in Australia has been thoughtfully curated to infuse the joy of learning and entertainment.

The love children have for toys is no secret, and it’s connected to the science of impulse buying. We create toys and displays that strategically target these impulses, meaning more sales and improved profitability for your business.

At the heart of Keycraft lies our dedication to family values and a contagious love of fun. With almost fifty years of experience, we have established ourselves as a seasoned toy wholesale company that’s dedicated to delivering toys that entertain and educate on a global scale. Over this period, we’ve distilled our wealth of data and expertise into a singular concept: The Science of Impulse. Our journey, which began in 1974, has been marked by continuous adaptation to a changing world while remaining faithful to our key values.

Premium Quality and Cheap Bulk Toys Wholesale in Australia

At Keycraft, we specialise in providing distinctive retail solutions that improve impulse sales in retail shops and tourist destinations worldwide. We are one of the go-to wholesale toy suppliers for innovative, quality-crafted toys, backed by outstanding customer service when you buy cheap bulk toys wholesale in Australia. Our toys are thoughtfully presented in a Counter Display Unit (CDU) with captivating packaging designed to grab the attention of children and adults who pass by. These accompanying CDUs act as useful tools designed to increase sales within your retail space. We are your ideal retail partner and we’ll work with you to align with your goals and we’ll be there to support you as your business grows. If your sales are not increasing in this product category, we are not doing our job.

While we don’t impose a minimum order value, a minimum purchase of at least one CDU is required. Regardless of whether you’re part of a retail chain or you’re the owner of an independent store, Keycraft is here to support your needs.

Quality and Affordability with Our Australian Toy Wholesalers

At Keycraft, our family values and deep sense of fun are at the centre of what we do. Our extensive range of premium toys promises quality and delight for all ages. We’re a wholesale toy distributors in Australia that offers nearly five decades of experience and experience providing toys that educate and entertain worldwide.

Whether you’re part of a chain or an independent store looking for Australian toy wholesalers, Keycraft is here to help. With retro toys, soft plush toys, educational toys and more available, get in touch to see how we can assist. Join us in spreading smiles, one toy at a time.