Foam Gliders Make Great Impulse Purchases.

Keycraft AU are part of a global network of toy wholesalers that started in a workshop in Scotland in 1974. Chris Cowie developed Keycraft into a global business that still holds on to family values and an irrepressible sense of fun, supplying the world’s retail businesses with impulse toys on a wholesale basis. We understand what makes the customers of our global retail clients buy – and we use the data from more than 40 years of experience to provide the soft stuffed toys, small crafts, and foam gliders wholesale for independent toy retailers, multichain organisations and tourist attractions around the world.

What Are Foam Gliders and How Can They Give You 50% Plus Profit?

It might seem like a bold claim, but our decades of research on the changing consumer behaviour in retail environments has led to our world-beating distillation of the Science of Impulse – and that is why we know that if you are a retailer that caters for children in any way, the right impulse toys can make you clear profits. A great example is the Super Sky Foam Rocket Launcher. With a spring-loaded trigger they can fly up to 15m in the air with great speed, delighting and surprising children of all ages. A simple, individually packed impulse sensory toy that is delivered in display boxes of 12, these foam gliders are a simple CDU that with the right retail price could provide a hefty profit. We have studied the purchasing habits of customers and know that while the environments and products have changed hugely, we have always reacted to change to adapt to the market with unique clarity. Foam gliders might seem like a strange way to demonstrate this, but we know what works. When you are selling to a child, you also need to appeal to the parent. This unique combination of knowledge of what they child wants and what the parent is willing to pay is just part of the expertise we offer at Keycraft AU – the Science of Impulse is how our well-thought out, quality products bridge the gap between a child wanting a product and a parent purchasing it. Pocket money toys like magnet mates at the till, dedicated POS, and instore promotion, as well as realistic SRPs make foam gliders a must-have in all toy retail establishments.

Keycraft AU – More than Just Wholesale Foam Gliders

There are no minimum order values for our products – just a single CDU purchase can get our products delivered to your store. So if you're a toy wholesaler from Perth ordering over $500, shipping is free. Orders under $500 in New South Wales, Victoria, metro Queensland and metro South Australia cost just $17 for shipping, while other areas are $32. Our standard terms for pre-approved credit clients are 30 days, and credit applications can be made easily though our online process. We are with you every step of the way, from fast despatch (within 48 hours) to helping you position your impulse toys in the store for better visibility. We will help you with the right choices that don’t just fill gaps but create opportunities for purchases with genuine appeal – and with foam gliders wholesale you can really see exactly what Keycraft AU can do for your business.

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