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Consumers love to buy gifts for babies, and here at Keycraft, we are leading the way with our development and sourcing of quality toys that appeal to a wide demographic.

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We optimise impulse buying so that our retailers enjoy the highest profit margins. As toy wholesalers in Australia, you can look forward to working with a company that guarantees a 50% gross margin for our retail partners. Contact us today to find out more!

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We carry a wide range of fun toys for babies and kids to enjoy!

Wholesale Baby Toys for Sale in Australia

If you are looking for wholesale baby toys in Australia, we can provide toys that parents and babies alike will love. We work with many different retailers across the country, and whether you are an independent retailer or you are looking to stock our toys across a retail chain, we can help you to find profitable products that will work for you.

Baby Toys That Your Consumers Will Want to Buy

Baby toys are designed to do more than just entertain a baby, although, of course, this is part of their appeal. A well-designed toy will also help to encourage a baby’s development. Many bulk baby toys offer them a sensory experience and help them to reach their milestones.

When consumers come into your store, it can often be tempting for them to purchase a toy to give to their child, grandchild or friend’s child because of the feel-good factor that it brings them. With Keycraft’s Science of Impulse, we have designed a whole package that encourages consumers to buy what you are selling.

Not only do we have quality bulk baby toys, but they are also well packaged because we know that this makes consumers perceive them as having a higher retail value. Our products come complete with display solutions that accompany the ranges that we sell. This helps to convert sales in your retail space, and as retail space is so expensive, we understand that you want to make the most of it.

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At Keycraft, our retail partners are important to us, and we are here to support you. Should you have any questions about our wholesale baby toys or any of our products or anything else, you can easily get in contact with us through our social media channels, by phone, email or by connecting with us on LinkedIn. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for all our latest promotions and news.

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