As a retailer, you can get your wholesale sensory toys from Keycraft and feel confident that you are buying from a reputable company.

Sensory Toys: Pocket Money Favourites

We supply wholesale sensory toys across Australia and both independent and chain retailers can benefit from our exciting range. We work with many different retailers, including gift shops in tourist attractions and museums, high street retailers and travel retailers, so if you're looking for wholesale toys in Melbourne or if you're a toy wholesaler in Perth, we can definitely help you out.

Why Stock Sensory Toys in Your Store?

There are many reasons why a sensory toy is a great gift for a child. As their name suggests, they encourage the use of the senses. They are also great for children with autism because sensory toys can help them to explore safely and have a calming impact, and by buying austism sensory toys in bulk, you can pass on these benefits to children. Sensory toys are often colourful, have different textures like slime toys, and they may light up or make sounds. They help children to explore their world and provide them with entertainment at the same time. They can also help to make busy parents’ shopping trips calmer and more relaxing. At Keycraft, we have developed and sourced a range of sensory toys that are appealing to children, including stretchy animal toys like stretchy kitten amongst many others. When you buy from us, the toys are also well-packaged so that they have a higher perceived value. As we specialise in helping you to capitalise on impulse opportunities, we plan every last detail of the toys that we produce, including display solutions. Our displays mean that the toys get noticed, which then converts into sales for your business. We help to provide the highest possible gross profit from the smallest retail space. In fact, we are so confident about the quality and appealable nature of our toys that we guarantee a 50% gross margin for our retail partners. Our wholesale sensory toys for autism come complete with a realistic suggested retail price so you can work out the right price point for your store. All our wholesale fidget toys are aimed towards a wide range of demographics, making it easy to find something that will appeal to your consumers.

Buy Wholesale Sensory Fidget Toys at Great Prices

When you choose Keycraft AU, you can rest assured that you’re getting wholesale sensory fidget toys at great prices. And just like all our other products, you can expect a guaranteed 50% gross margin on sales. But why are sensory fidget toys such a great idea and who is your target audience? Well, let’s just say that adults, not just kids, can benefit from using fidget toys, especially if they’re experiencing anxiety! So, what are they? Put simply, they are items that help to boost attention which may help the user to focus more in other areas, for example, at home or school. Fidget spinners which feature a central disc on ball bearings with extended wings that enable you to spin the device are extremely popular with kids of all ages as is super bouncing putty which can absorb a child’s attention for hours. The toys are designed to help increase concentration and focus and usually involve using both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Some case studies report that fidget toys, such as stress balls, improve focus in learning settings and may also help to reduce feelings of anxiety. The manipulation of these toys has a calming effect on the brain and may prove extremely beneficial for children with anxiety or sensory issues such as ADHD.

Keycraft: The Best Place to Buy Bulk Fidget Toys in Australia

Keycraft supply bulk fidget toys to stores all over Australia. They’re perfectly priced for impulse buys, so whether you run a chain or independent toy store or you’re looking for products for your tourist gift shop, they are an excellent choice. For added convenience, you can bulk buy fidget toys online and have them shipped directly to your store for free if your order is valued at over $500.

Order Your Sensory Toys from Keycraft Today

If you are looking for bulk sensory toys, come and explore the wide range available from Keycraft. Once you have ordered, we will dispatch your items to you within 48 hours. You will also be able to take advantage of free delivery to your store when you spend over $500, so why not stock up on from some of our quality toys and gifts?

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