Top 10 Trending Toys in Australia [2023]

If you’re wondering which toys are popular with the kids right now, wonder no more. Here is our list of the top 10 trending toys in Australia in 2023.

MAJIGG Woody The Worm FSC Certified 12m+ 16cm

MAJIGG Woody The Worm has a twistable and turnable design that improves essential motor skills, making it a great sensory toy for those 12 months and above. With a cute face and bright colours, our retro toys are guaranteed to capture the focus of younger children.

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Mini Metal Spring

The Mini Metal Spring is great for play whilst on the go or reminiscing about a classic toy. The Mini Metal Spring also includes a storage box to ensure your spring does not get lost.

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Explorer Binoculars 13cm

With so much to see, it’s no surprise that Explorer Binoculars are trending in Australia in 2023. Discovering the great outdoors has never been easier for the curious mind of a child. From watching wildlife at the park to uncovering insects in the garden, searching the skies for birds to looking for boats along the coastline, there is endless potential for fun.

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Gooey Mesh Ball

A great fidget toy and stress reliever, a Gooey Mesh Ball is enjoyed by both children and adults alike. Squeeze the ball then watch and feel as the slime fills your hand. And the tighter you squeeze, the more slime oozes through, sending your senses wild.

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Rainbow Slime in Flask

For children that are obsessed with slime kits in Australia , Rainbow Slime in Flask is a winner. Stretch it, twist it, pull it and squeeze it for the ultimate sensory experience. And the best part? It can be easily placed back in the flask after playtime, so it stays ready to be used again.

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Sticky Slug

A great asset for a prankster, the Sticky Slug is realistically detailed and perfect for grossing out your friends and family. With a stretchy and squishy body, it sticks to a variety of surfaces and measures a huge 19cm in length.

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Splash Octopus

Splash Octopus is a must-have for those hot summer days. Simply soak in water and throw at your target for endless amounts of fun. Great for use in water fights, on holiday or to simply cool off in the garden, the popularity of these toys is unsurprisingly high in 2023.

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Bouncing Putty

Giving crafting an edge, it’s no wonder the Super bouncing putty is so popular. The putty can be moulded as desired, then rolled into a ball and bounced off most surfaces. A fantastically versatile toy that’s suitable for ages 3+. With multiple colours available, the fun to be had is limitless.

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Magnet Mates

A cute collection of little animals with long arms and legs each with magnets on their hands and feet to wrap themselves around your wrist, or other objects.

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Living Nature Soft Toys

These wholesale assorted miniature living nature soft plushies are a great product to entice shoppers to make a purchase. Crafted with realism in mind, and retailing at an attractive price point, these adorable animal soft toys make an attractive addition to a toy selection in your retail store.

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