A childhood favourite dating all the way back to the 17th century, we take such bestsellers under our wing. This is to guarantee that our clients can also float on air, all the way to retail heaven. We wholesale the bubble gun throughout Australia, so no matter where you are located you can have your share of bubble bliss in your store.

Why stock bubble gun toys in your store? This liquid happiness has many positives:

Bubble Gun Wholesale Suppliers

Inexhaustible entertainment - Who hasn’t heard the overwhelmingly excited screeches of a child calling “bubbbblesss!!!” They can easily dominate and make up a playtime session, encouraging laughter, bonding and even hand eye coordination as you try to catch them all!

Perfect for parties - An amusement feature which sets the scene for a children’s party, summer BBQ or themed event. These floating bundles of ricocheting colours are sure to liven up any gathering.

Harmless and nontoxic - Friendly mixtures that are easy to keep, store and take out. No nasty chemicals, horrid toxins or fiddly pieces. A pleasantly pure potion of carefree merriment.

We wholesale a wide variety of novelty toys in the form of crocodiles, dinosaur tongues, gliders and more! These funky figures give a cool new twist on the classic and jazz up displays and demonstrate that we can maximise the fun element of any toy product.

We’ll Also Help With Bubble Gun Branding

Our business practices are designed to nurture networks, from us to you and you to the customers. With almost half a century of retailing expertise we know how to ramp up profitability. Our rich wholesale toy knowledge teamed with an eye for vivid packaging, dazzling displays and marketing mastery make us an excellent partner. We optimise your establishments success by tuning into impulse purchases and getting a real grip on what makes shopper tick.

Increase Your Sales With Wholesale Bubble Blower Guns

Keycraft AU values family, loyalty, reliability and friendly service and these core beliefs underpin everything we do. Our style is professional, traditional in principle but modern in approach, guaranteeing a 50% gross margin for all our retail associates.

Our channels of communication are always open and ready to receive your requests. Blast us with your thought bubbles or questions any time. We want to give you the very best service. Come into our bubble; a hubbub of energy, new, fresh outlooks and industry secrets!

We have an endless stream of invaluable tricks and tips to rejuvenate your outlets. Our savviness in the sector will have your successes soaring to the skies. Call us now or follow us on social media for the latest information, offers, products and much more for Toy wholesalers in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane toy wholesalers and we even provide tips and all the info on the best toys to sell online so be sure to subscribe!

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