Affectionately affordable, these toys work perfectly as a fun extra to fluff out gifts. Novelties, such as novelty erasers, are pocket money winners, which feed our children’s ever-growing sense of curiosity and wonder.

Keycraft and Wholesale Novelty Toys

Nowadays, our world demands so much of us educationally, technologically and occupationally speaking, therefore, we all need an escape outlet. An almost engaging way of disconnecting, which won’t fail to surprise us, a light-hearted thrill and essentially, a little something to make us smile. At Keycraft we offer wholesale toys and novelties and believe in their incredible power to provide carefree enjoyment to all.

Bulk Novelty Toys in Australia

We recognise the limitlessness and ever-changing nature of today’s market. Our ethos is to be innovative, immersive and insightful. With over four decades of experience in this sector, we are aware of what it takes to increase profits without compromising on quality or creativity. We specialise in social trends and consumerism which gives us that know-how when it comes to the latest must have toys. Whether you run your own independent toy shop, a thriving chain, want to spruce up a gift store or attract tourists to a museum, we dare you to be brave and bold with your toys and novelties. A few examples of our novelty brands and ranges include:

  • Nurchums elementos – An all new children’s hatching egg toy! There are Growlies, Magikons and Dinodos - 12 to collect in total. They are accompanied by an enchanting augmented reality app in which you can customise your new friends, discover and play in the magical land of Elementos!
  • LOLLIPUTTI- Another collectable! This range features colourful, eye-catching packaging with vibrant designs that allow children to explore their sense of touch, kids will love this product as they can squish, mould, make and play with it. There are three very hip trendy themes to purchase- Ice Cream Factory, Unicorn Lab and Monster Makers!
  • Others- From bubble wands, to glitter putty, unicorn puffer balls, stretchy insects and googly eyes… We want to be at the forefront of the leading brands and ideas. We want to give our clients the best series of toys and a wide diverse assortment to choose from.

Novelty Toys & Impulse Buying

The science of impulse drives our business approach. Our wisdom, inspiration and visionary outlook stem from our customer’s wants and desires. That’s why we are there to supervise every step from manufacture to display. We have learnt how to maximise profits by helping you to give the products the spotlight they need to shine. Novelties are true firecrackers because they make up that grabbing window arrangement or in store focal feature that can’t be ignored. At Keycraft we know how to create jaw-dropping wholesale toys that promise results. If you’d like to know more about these brilliant sources of amazement do reach out to us and we’d be more than happy to assist you. We deliver bulk wholesale novelty toys across Australia so no matter where you are based; you can reap the rewards of partnering with the Keycraft team.

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