How Can Buying Plush Elephants in Bulk Make Your Business Money?

For more than 40 years, Keycraft AU has been at the forefront of the Science of Impulse. From humble beginnings in a workshop at the bottom of a garden in Scotland to a now lobal enterprise, Keycraft still hold true to strong family values and an irresistible sense of fun. We know what drives consumers to make impulse purchases because we have studied the way the market has changed and developed over time – and how it continues to change. This has allowed us to adapt to the market with unique clarity and insight to drive up retailer profit – for you. Using this research, we know that there are certain products that tempt children and their parents – and one of our most popular is the Living Nature soft toy range of realistic, detailed stuffed animals – including wholesale plush elephants.

Wildlife, Farm Animals, Pets and More from Living Nature.

A premium range of wholesale soft animal toys that give children comfort and joy while also being realistically rendered and true to life make Living Nature a brand that is popular in many different retail environments. Plush elephants in bulk, or soft plush dogs, cats, birds of prey, giraffes or even prehistoric creatures are available, with world-beating attention to detail that allows parents to make the decision to buy – and with our support with POS and display units to catch the eye of your customers. Our SRPs are realistic and offer you, as the retailer, the opportunity to make a minimum of 50% margin on wholesale plush elephants, giraffes, bunnies, and dinosaurs. The Living Nature range has been created to share the wonder of amazing wildlife secrets with children – most feature an informative swing tag giving details about the behaviour, diets and habitats that make each carefully crafted and detailed stuffed animal a learning experience as well as a soft and cuddly toy. Available in various configurations, plush elephants in bulk can be bought as Smol (the cute and adorable smaller range) or as Window Mates, Magnet Mates or Puppet Pals – many options for the customer that we know will drive impulse purchases and make the most of your profits. With 100% recycled plastic bottles creating the stuffing for every animal made from 2020, and the Smol range completely made from recycled plastic, Living Nature is an eco-friendly option for the environmentally conscious consumer.

Simple, Fast and Straightforward

Keycraft AU makes getting great value impulse toys into your retail environment simple. With a minimum order quantity of just one Counter Display Unit (CDU) and no minimum order value, it is a risk-free way to see how wholesale plush elephants and other animals in the Living Nature range can bolster your sales and increase your profits. Retailers can sign up for a credit account online and enjoy 30-day terms, or purchase through pro-forma invoices. Orders over $500 receive free shipping direct to store – and the packaging, POS, and in-store presentation to make the most of your purchase comes straight from our extensive knowledge of the Science of Impulse. Find out more about how Keycraft AU and elephants stuffed animals in bulk can offer your business the chance to make more than 50% profit with high quality, low cost, soft toys.

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