Top 15 Sensory Toys in Australia [2024]

Are you a toy retailer looking for a fresh order of exciting toys? If so, you may want to consider stocking a range of sensory toys.

Are you a toy retailer looking for a fresh order of exciting Australian toys? If so, you may want to consider stocking a range of sensory toys.

Babies and young children learn about their surroundings through their senses and sensory play is widely encouraged from a young age. It helps children to form hypotheses, experiment and draw conclusions.

For this reason, many toys are available to facilitate sensory play. They provide a squishy, stretchy, bumpy tactile experience that promotes touch while helping the child increase concentration, develop fine motor skills and build their language skills.

Terrific Tactile Toys – & More!

We all know there’s something delicious and endlessly fascinating about a squishy toy, or any form of sensory stimulation in play. Whether as a fidget toy, stress-reliever (even for adults!) or for children to develop motor skills and coordination, sensory toys are endlessly satisfying.

Here are our top 15 sensory toys that we know kids will absolutely love:

  • Super Bouncing Putty 9cm: check out this light putty foam – it’s bouncy, fun and comes in 6 assorted colours! Perfect for art and craft projects, and ideal to be used again and again.

  • Magnoidz Liquid Timer 15cm: this not only keeps time but makes the perfect piece of décor for a child’s room! They’ll be mesmerised by the bright, neon colours flowing down the spiral as time runs.

  • Sticky Slug 19cm: perfect for the classic fake slug prank. Disgustingly realistic looking, this slug can stick to many surfaces and comes in two colours. Kids can switch it up to terrify people in many different scenarios!

  • Mini Metal Spring 3cm: this silver spring is easily portable in its storage box, perfect to bring around for some old-school fun.

  • Large Rainbow Squish Ball 11cm: bright, vibrant and lots of squishy fun! Kids will love tossing this around in the playground.

  • Bendy Smiler Man 14cm: a bendy, happy man who comes in pink, blue or yellow – what’s not to love. Kids will have so much gleeful fun twisting his limbs into different shapes!

  • Gooey Mesh Ball 6cm: a popular classic, kids love squeezing this slimeball enclosed in mesh, watching the squishy stuff ooze through the material and revert back to its shape!

  • Nurchums Hatch Eggs: Dinosaurs hatched from eggs are all the craze! Place the eggs in a bowl with water in and watch it hatch and grow up in a few days!

  • Large Puffer Caterpillars 20cm: These bright, long-haired caterpillars with boggle eyes come in 6 assorted colours. Filled with air and multi-coloured, kids will love these friendly worms!

  • Light Up Digit Balls 8cm: Kids will love seeing these light up when squeezed. Multicoloured and flashy, the little ones will be busy for ages.

  • Gooey Mesh Keyring 6cm: you’ve seen the Gooey Mesh Ball – now, meet its smaller, more portable cousin! It brings the same delight but comes attached to a keychain clip for day-to-day fun.

  • Slime: yes, those ones you’ve seen on TikTok. Colourful and bendy, kids will enjoy twisting these slimes into lots of crazy shapes!

  • Rainbow Slime in Flask 8cm: who doesn’t love some slime? Bonus points for the vibrant rainbow colour on this one! The perfect excuse for parents who don’t want to make slime at home.

  • Squidgy Pooch 9cm: great for young children who love animals, these adorable animal squishy toys come in 3 assorted designs.

  • Fumfings: in keeping with the animal theme, children can choose from pigs, frogs and fish! Fumfings are perfect for eliciting giggles from our little ones.

Sensationally Sensory Toys!

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