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Explore endless possibilities and spark creativity in your child with Kids Toys in Australia – where imagination meets play! Unlock a magical world of fun and learning, exclusively with Keycraft.

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Unlock a World of Imagination with Kids Toys in Australia

For those seeking wholesale plush toys, dinosaur toys, and baby toys in Australia, finding the right wholesaler is key. Children’s toys aren’t just playthings, they’re tools for entertainment, enjoyment, and development. Education and play go hand in hand, and our excellent range of wholesale kids toysis designed to make learning fun. As well as being entertaining, our selection of educational childrens toys wholesale will encourage and develop learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills in children. These toys make excellent tools for supporting children’s development.

We understand that children’s toys should be built to last, withstanding hours of play and enjoyment. That’s why we carefully craft our toys to meet the highest standards, ensuring they are durable and ready for countless adventures. We offer an exceptional and diverse range of kids toys wholesale. From classic wooden toys that inspire nostalgia and creativity to novelty toys that bring laughter, we have something for every child’s taste and interest. Whether you’re looking for educational toys to stimulate young minds or soft plush toys that offer comfort and companionship, we’re here to help.

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Looking for Sustainable Kids Toys in Australia?

Keycraft is one of the premier wholesale kids toys suppliers for toys in Australia. Across nearly 50 years, we’ve refined our extensive wealth of experience and data into one key phrase: The Science of Impulse. We’ve not only mastered this but have supported leading retailers with effective impulse pocket money toy solutions worldwide. Since our establishment in 1974, our core values are firmly rooted in family values and a passion for fun.

In an era of increasing environmental consciousness, we take sustainability seriously. Many of our toys for kids in Australia, such as our wooden toys and SMOLS range, are made from eco-friendly materials such as responsibly sourced wood and recycled plastics. We are committed to providing sustainable toys that contribute positively to the planet’s future.

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Contact our team to explore how we can assist you. At Keycraft Australia, we specialize in innovative and entertaining children's toys, designed with high-quality standards and outstanding customer service. Our range includes educational toys and soft plush animals, all dedicated to delighting kids!

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The fascination children have for toys has a scientific explanation—impulse. This is something that can greatly benefit your business, and we have taken deliberate steps to harness its potential. We have carefully designed our toys and displays to strategically target these impulses, resulting in increased sales and profitability for your establishment. Furthermore, our products are backed by a guaranteed 50% gross margin, ensuring a substantial return on your investment. That's why we’re your ultimate store to bulk buy kids toys.

Our wholesale toys are thoughtfully presented in an eye-catching Counter Display Unit (CDU) and come with packaging designed to captivate the interest of both children and adults as they pass by. These accompanying CDUs act as effective tools to convert sales within your retail space. There is no set minimum order value; however, the purchase of at least one CDU is required. If your order exceeds $500, you can even enjoy the added benefit of free in-store shipping. Typically, we dispatch orders within 48 hours. To explore how we can be of assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Unlock a world of imagination with Keycraft and join us in creating moments of wonder, learning, and joy for children.