Keycraft make it possible to turn this morbid fascination into money with our superb range of dinosaur toys at wholesale prices. We have everything from extra large stuffed dinosaurs to dinosaur jet balls to T-Rex hand puppets and more. You could say we have a T-Riffic selection of dinosaur toys just waiting to be snapped up by savvy retailers.

Snap Up Our Wholesale Dinosaur Toys for Your Retail Outlet

At Keycraft, we’ve based on our business on giving kids what they want. They love the act of buying, playing and collecting new toys. In fact, they can’t get enough of it. Whether their passion is dinosaurs, stuffed toys, novelty erasers or bouncing putty, we know that if you put these toys in front of children, they’ll most definitely want them. You see, it’s all about the science of impulse. We understand what kids want and we understand impulse buys. And we’ve used that information to create toys and displays that will tap into these impulses and result in sales and profits for you. Whatever kind of retail outlet you run, if you want to reap some of these rewards, our wholesale dinosaur toys will put you on the right track – especially when you consider that they come with a guaranteed 50% gross margin!

Buy in Bulk: Dinosaur Toys and More

Our Toy wholesale specialises in supplying quality toys to all kinds of retail outlets. Our toys come with their own Counter Display Unit (CDU) which makes positioning and presenting the products as fuss-free as possible. They’re the perfect size to sit alongside checkouts or in areas with limited space and catch the eye of both children and adults as they pass. All our packaging is designed to appeal to children and give the perception that the purchaser is getting something much more expensive than the retail price suggests. Our novelty toys and classic retro toys are made to appeal to kids and kids love them! And the realistic selling price certainly appeals to adults. So, whatever you choose to buy in bulk, be it dinosaur toys or any of our other toys, you can rest assured that you’re getting a well-thought-out and well-presented product that people are happy to spend their money on. After all, we wouldn’t stay in business long if our products were of inferior quality.

The Easy Way to Buy Wholesale Dinosaur Toys Online

Back in 1974, Chris Cowie set up Keycraft from his garden workshop in Scotland. Now we’ve expanded into the trusted business we are today. We have a passion for toys, and we have a passion for the science of impulse buying. Combine the two and that’s Keycraft. Now you can benefit from our knowledge, passion, and expertise to increase your bottom line. Order dinosaurs in bulk from us and experience the science of impulse buying in action for yourself. There’s no minimum order value but you will need to order at least one Counter Display Unit (CDU). Once you place your order, we’ll despatch it within 48 hours and if your order is over $500, you’ll get free shipping into store. So, place your bulk plush animal toys order today and watch your display of dinosaurs become a roaring success.

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