Magnet Mates - Magnetic Wildlife for Every Room

We’re very pleased to offer you our collection of Magnet Mates, a fantastic range of fun, high-quality pocket money toys crafted and packaged to enlist high yield sales and repeat buys. For over forty years we’ve been discovering and distributing eye-catching and innovative classic retro & bulk plush animal toys to a wide range of gift shops, high street markets and independent toy sellers all over the world & local toy wholesalers in Melbourne.

Versatile and Collectable Magnet Mates

These furry friends are suitable for ages 3 and up. They can be attached to fridges, filing cabinets, metal bed frames or you could clip the magnets together on each limb and clasp them to bannisters or bedposts. They are also soft and cuddly, which makes them excellent gifts for small kids, too. We’ve got a wide range of these products, including:

Because they are relatively small in size, (13-15cm) they are appropriate for quick, inexpensive impulse purchases and especially well suited for souvenirs. They are also desirable as a collectable as they can be strung together as a group.

Well Displayed Magnet Mates, Impulse Bought

Our business is built on a thorough understanding of consumer psychology and a belief in what we call The Science of Impulse. Keycraft AU is always keen to share the benefit of our forty years in business with our clients, which is why we don’t just send out the products but also:

  • Beautifully designed packaging - made to be tough, eye-catching and tactile.
  • Stunning displays - high-quality, free-standing display units detailed with professional artwork and clear signage. For these products, please get in contact and we’ll take you through our display options.
  • Useful guidance on display techniques and shop space - we have had a lot of experience with different retail spaces and are keen to offer you suggestions on how you might maximise your sales.

If you adopt our suggested retail price on these items, we can guarantee you at least a 50% gross margin on your sales. We won’t ask you for a minimum order, only that your order is made up of at least one counter display unit. Shipping usually occurs within 48 hours, and for any orders that exceed $500, we will throw in shipping to your shop completely free!

Start Your Magnet Mate Order Now!

If you want to find out a bit more about how we use the Science of Impulse then just take a look at our blog. We’re also on many of the major social media sites sharing insights and ideas about display options, and if you look at our global site you’ll see case studies of how our products have helped businesses in the past.  If you are ready to order your Magnet Mates now, you can begin by requesting a login or filling out one of our application forms. You can also chat with us online, email or give us a call right now and we’ll gladly help you complete your order! Check some of our other products including:

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