In 1770, John Priestly, natural philosopher and discoverer of oxygen, was the first to describe what we now know the eraser to be. “A substance excellently adapted to the purpose of wiping from paper the mark of black led pencil.” Since then rubbers have been manufactured into all different shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

Keycraft wholesale these novelty erasers as we believe such products prove to be very popular in our current market.

Why Novelty Easers Make The Perfect Impulse Buy

Although our world is becoming more and more technological and increasingly digitalised, you still can’t beat a good old-fashioned jotting down in a notebook. A keyboard can’t match up to a fresh, fully stocked pencil case. Holding a scrawled-out shopping list will always be apart of the grocery run. Then, of course, nothing compares to the beaming grin we pull when our children bring home their first drawings and scribbles from school.

Funky erasers make the perfect novelty toy impulse buy for the following reasons:

  • They mean that we aren’t as afraid to make mistakes - Children need to know that they can go out of the lines and make spelling errors as it’s all a part of the process of learning.
  • Pop culture - Novelty erasers are now based on cartoon characters, food with happy faces, cute animals, emojis etc. So not only are they fun to show off to and share with friends they’re also easy to market.
  • They’re super cheap - Keycraft specialises in pocket money products and we always aim for affordability. These low-cost but high profit items are hassle free to stock and you can bulk buy these novelty erasers from us with fast delivery.

Rub Your Retail Worries Away With Wholesale Novelty Erasers

We are traditional in many senses. Core values and principles inform all our business decisions. Professionalism is instilled in every step of our operations. Stellar service is what we strive for. However, we are a modern company, immersive innovators who enjoy ride the waves of the challenging contemporary market.

We will introduce you to our premium brand and show you how to make the most of impulse purchases. If you choose us as distributors, we will share our experience and expertise with you so that your store cannot just survive but flourish.

Our goal is to offer industry insights for example, with effective display solutions, for toy wholesalers in Brisbane or if you sell wholesale toys in Melbourne online, creating enjoyable shopping environments and helping our clients to understand and connect with customers in an engaging way. And, best of all, we guarantee all of our partners a 50% gross margin.

If you like the sound of our loyal, reliable service, bold business approaches and high- quality wholesale toys then get in touch with us. We are easily reachable over the phone, via email, on social media and on LinkedIn.

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